CAPE TOWN – Day Zero is officially off the cards for two years.

This is according to deputy Mayor Ian Neilson.

The City of Cape Town says there’s no longer a threat of the taps running dry in 2019.

Officials have just briefed the media on water saving efforts and winter rain levels.

Deputy mayor Ian Neilson says not only will Day Zero be pushed back until 2020 but Cape Town will also survive this year’s summer without running out of water.

Current dam levels in Cape Town stand at 43% as a result of the recent rainfall.

“The city is looking at diversification of its water supply systems. We’ve learned from this drought due to the greater variability of the rainfall that we cannot only rely on surface water from our rivers and dams.”

Neilson says the city will meet with the national Department of Water and Sanitation to discuss the current water restrictions.

WATCH: Day zero off the cards for 2 years


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